Destination Lieu Vidéo Musique Titre Album Titre Morceau Genre
Philippines Negros / Apo "Bande Annonce" Muse The Resistance
Undisclosed Desires
Bahamas Tiger Beach "Bande Annonce" Eagle Eye Cherry Subrosa
If It Can't Be Found
Egypte Croisière Nord "Bande Annonce" Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
Micronésie Chuuk "Bande Annonce" Nightwish Oceanborn
Sleeping Sun
Métal Symphonique
Yap "Bande Annonce" Gotye Making Mirrors
Somebody That I Used to Know
Indonésie Maluku "Bande Annonce" Led Zeppelin Tangerine
Led Zeppelin III
Costa Rica
Ile Coco "Bande Annonce" Coldplay X & Y Talk Brtipop / Rock
"Bande Annonce 2" Adèle
Rolling in the Deep R&B, Soul
Afrique du Sud Durban "Bande Annonce" Tom Petty Into the Great Wide Open
Out in the Cold Rock
Indonésie Raja Ampat "Bande Annonce" Angus & Julia Stone Down the Way
Big Jet Plane Folk, Blues
Mexique Mer de Cortez "Bande Annonce" Willy Deville Backstreets of Desire
Hey Joe Soul, Rock
Iles Eparses Bassas "Bande Annonce" Eagle Eye Cherry Desireless Save Tonight Rock-Blues
"Big Boss"

Crazy 60's
"Silver Tip" Green Day American Idiot Wake me Up When September Ends Rock Alternatif
Micronésie Chuuk "Best Of" Nightwish Oceanborn Sleepin Sun Métal symphonique
Indonésie Croisière Lembeh "Bande Annonce" Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Bron-Yr-Aur Rock-Blues
Parc de Bunaken "Bande Annonce" Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium Snow (Hey Ho) Rap Rock
Indonésie Croisière Komodo "Bande Annonce" Edwyn Collins Gorgeous George A Girl Like You Rock
Costa Rica Ile Coco "Bande Annonce" Kate Perry One of the Boys I Kissed a Girl Pop
"Traversée" Manu Chao La Radiolina Rainin in Paradize World Music
"Submerged Rock" Muse Absolution Blackout Rock alternatif 
"Punta Maria" Tom Petty Into the Great Wide Open Out in the Cold Rock
"Alcyone" Travis One of the Boys I Kissed a Girl Pop
"Dirty Rock" Oasis Be Here Now

"Nuit et Jour" Richard Ashcroft Keys to the World Break the Night With Colour Alternatif
"Dos Amigos !" Anastacia Anastacia Left Outside Alone Pop, Soul
Indonésie Archipel d'Alor "Bande Annonce" The Beatles Abbey Road Here Comes the Sun BritPop
"L'Heure Mandarin" The Beatles White Album While My Guitar Gently Weeps BritPop
"Bleu" Travis The Man Who WhyDoes It Always Rain On Me ? BritPop
"Pontohi" Sia Color The Small One Breathe Me Accoustique
"10 000 Anémones" Enya Paint the Sky with Stars

USA Alaska "Bande Annonce" Amy Winehouse Back to Black Back to Black Jazz-Soul
Mexique Revillagigedo "Bande Annonce part 1" The Undertones The Sin of Pride Love Before Romance Punk-pop
"Bande Annonce part 2" Green Day American Idiot Wake me Up When September Comes Punk-rock
"Arrivée" Santana Supernatural - Rock Latino
"Survivant" Zazie Totem Je Suis Un Homme Rock Alternatif
"Magie I" Jeff Buckley Grace Hallelujah Punk-rock
"Rêve de Plongeur" Feist The Reminder 1234 Pop Rock
Papouasie Voyage PNG "Bande Annonce" Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 1 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Rock - Blues
Kimbe Bay "1ères Impressions" Keane Hopes and Fears Somewhere Only We Know Britpop
Mer de Bismarck "Fun en Bio" Emiliana Torrini Fisherman's Woman - Accoustique
"Récifs Merveilleux" Pink Floyd Meddle Echoes Space Rock
"Couleur Mandarin" Emilie Simon Emilie Simon - Electro pop
"Numbers" Coldplay X &Y Speed of Sound Britpop / Rock
"Cool" Lou Reed Transformer
Walk on the Wild Side Rock Expérimental
"Blancs et Gris" The Killers Hot Fuss All These Things I've Done Rock alternatif 
Loloata Islands "Surprises" Susanne Vega 99.9F° In Liverpool Folk  Rock
"Top Ten : Susi's Bommie" - - - -
Egypte Croisière St John "Chasse de Nuit" - - - -
Equateur Croisière Galapagos "Bande Annonce" Katie Melua Call Off the Search Blame It on The Moon Folk Rock
"Best Of" v2 Travis The Boy With No Name Closer BritPop
"Back to Galapagos" Gwen Stefani The Sweet Escape The Sweet Escape RnB, Pop
"Selimas Party" Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head The Scientist Britpop / Rock
"Ailerons à Wolfe" Depeche Mode Playing the Angel Precious SynthPop
"The Big Señor" Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon The Great Gig in The Sky Space Rock
Maldives Croisière Sud "Raies Ballet" Katie Melua Call Off the Search Blame It on The Moon -
"Habitants" The Stranglers The Collection 77 - 82 Strange Little Girl Punk Rock
"Diversité" Yann Tiersen B.O. Amélie Poulain - Instrumental
"100 Gris" Gnarls Barkley St. Elsewhere Crazy Electro
Egypte Croisière Nord - - - - -
Soudan Shaab Rumi "1ère Plongée" Moby 18 Sunday (The Day before my Birthday) Electronique
Pré Continent II "50 ans Après JYC" Pink Floyd Meddle Echoes Space Rock
Shaab Rumi "Ballade à Bosses" Katie Melua Call Off the Search Blame it On The Moon Folk Rock
Sanganeb "Station Service" Susan Vega 99.9 F° In Liverpool Ballade
Port Soudan "Umbria" Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holly  The Rain Song Blues
Mayotte Séjour
Découverte - - - -
N'Gouja Francis Cabrel Les Beaux Dégats Bonne Nouvelle -
60 + 25 Al Stewart Year of the Cat Year of the Cat Folk  Pop
- - - - -
Djibouti Croisière Goubet "Intro" Coldplay X & Y Talk Britpop / Rock
"Requin-Baleine Show" Jeff Buckley Grace
Hallelujah Ballade 
Malaisie Sipadan "Mur d'Argent" The White Stripes Elephant Seven Army Nation Rock Alternatif
Maldives Croisière Male "Manta Passion" John Barry "Out Of Africa" Main Titla BO
Egypte Marsa Alam "Souvenirs" Dido No Angel Hunter Pop
Indonésie Bunaken - - - - -